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156.Lei-Feng Tuo,Gen-Shu Zhou,Zhi-Qiang Yu,Xi-Tang Kang,Bo-Wen WangExtrusion process of 304L H-shaped stainless steel used in passiveresidual heat removal heat exchanger,NUCL SCI TECH(2019) 30:61                 179Link

155. Wenjun Kuang,Gary S.Wasb,A high-resolution characterization of the initiation of stress corrosion crack in Alloy 690 in simulated pressurized water reactor primary water, Corrosion Science,DOI.org/10.1016/j.corsci.2019.108243(2019).                179Link

154. Wenjun Kuang,Justin Hesterberg,Gary S.Wasb,The effect of post-irradiation annealing on the stress corrosion crack growth rate of neutron-irradiated 304L stainless steel in boiling water reactor environment, Corrosion Science,DOI.org/10.1016/j.corsci.2019.108183(2019).               179Link

153. De-Gang Xie, Zhi-Yu Nie, Shuhei Shinzato, Yue-Qing Yang, Feng-Xian Liu, Shigenobu Ogata, Ju Li, Evan Ma , Zhi-Wei Shan,Controlled growth of single-crystalline metal nanowires via thermomigration across a nanoscale junction, Nature Communications, 10:4478,Doi.org/10.1038/s41467-019-12416-x (2019).             179Link

152. Keyuan Ding, Jiangjing Wang, Yuxing Zhou, He Tian, Lu Lu, Riccardo Mazzarello, Chunlin Jia, Wei Zhang, Feng Rao, Evan Ma,Phase-change heterostructure enables ultralow noise and drift for memory operation, Science,DOI: 10.1126/science.aay0291 (2019).                 179  Link

151. Jie-Wen Zhang, Irene J. Beyerlein, and Wei-Zhong Han,Hierarchical 3D Nanolayered Duplex-Phase Zr with High Strength, Strain Hardening, and Ductility, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 255501 (2019).                179 Link

150.Bo-Yu Liu, Fei Liu,Nan Yang,Xiao-Bo Zhai,Lei Zhang,Yang Yang,Bin Li,Ju Li,Evan Ma,Jian-Feng Nie,Zhi-Wei Shan, Large plasticity in magnesium mediated by pyramidal dislocations, Science, 365, 73–75 (2019).                179 Link 

149. F. Rao, W. Zhang and E. Ma, Catching structural transitions in liquids,Science, 364, 1032-1033 (2019)               179 Link 

148. S.Y. Sun, T. Hussain, W. Zhang and A. Karton, Blue phosphorene monolayers as potential nano sensors for volatile organic compounds under point defects, Applied Surface Science, 486, 52-57 (2019)                179 Link 

147. W. Zhang and M. Wuttig, Phase Change Materials and Superlattices for Non-Volatile Memories, Physica Status Solidi ,RRL ,13, 1900130 (2019)               179 Link 

146. G.M. Zewdie, Y.X. Zhou, L. Sun, F. Rao, V. L. Deringer, R.Mazzarello and W. Zhang, Chemical design principles for cache-type Sc-Sb-Te phase-change memory materials, Chemistry of Materials, 31,4008-4015 (2019).                       179 Link 

145.J. Zhang, F. Sun, Z. Chen, Y. Yang, B. Shen, J. Li and F. Prima, Strong and ductile beta Ti-18Zr-13 Mo alloy with multimodal twinning, Materials Research Letters,7,6, 251-257 (2019)                       179 Link

144. Z. W. Hu, M. Wang, C. W. Guo, Z. W. Shan, J. Li and W. Z. Han, Graphene-coated tungsten nanowires deliver unprecedented modulus and strength, Materials Research Letters, 7,2, 47-52 (2019)                              179 Link 

143. 王疆靖,蒋婷婷,田 琳,张丹利,张 伟,电子束辐照对锗锑碲非晶薄膜影响的研究,中国材料进展2,,10-115(2019)                     179 Link 

142. P. J. Yang, Q. J. Li, T. Tsuru, S. Ogata, J. W. Zhang, H. W. Sheng, Z. W. Shan, G. Sha, W. Z. Han, J. Li and E. Ma, Mechanism of hardening and damage initiation in oxygen embrittlement of body-centred-cubic niobium, Acta Materialia, 168 ,331-342 (2019)                                       179 Link 

141.  S. H. Li, J. Zhang and W. Z. Han, Helium bubbles enhance strength and ductility in small-volume Al-4Cu alloys, Scripta Materialia, 165 ,112-116 (2019)                   179 Link 

140. W. Zhang, R. Mazzarello, M. Wuttig and E. Ma, Designing crystallization in phase-change materials for universal memory and neuro-inspired computing, Nature Reviews Materials, 4 ,150-168 (2019)                            179  Link 


139. A Bo, K Chen, E Pickering, H Zhan, J Bell, A Du, Y Zhang, X Wang, H Zhu, ZW Shan, and YT Gu, Atypical Defect Motions in Brittle Layered Sodium Titanate Nanowires, The Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9 (20), 6052-6059(2018)             179 Link 

138.  MP Popovic, K Chen, H Shen, CV Stan, DL Olmsted, N Tamura, M Asta, MD Abad, P Hosemann, A study of deformation and strain induced in bulk by the oxide layers formation on a Fe-Cr-Al alloy in high-temperature liquid Pb-Bi eutectic, Acta Materialia, 151, 301-309(2018)              179 Link

137. G Zhou, J Kou, Y Li, W Zhu, K Chen, N Tamura, Quantitative Scanning Laue Diffraction Microscopy: application to the study of 3D printed nickel-based superalloys, Quantum Beam Science, 2 (2), 13(2018)                      179 Link

136. Y Li, K Chen, N Tamura, Mechanism of heat affected zone cracking in Ni-based superalloy DZ125L fabricated by laser 3D printing technique, Materials & Design, 150, 171-181(2018)             179 Link 

135. 李 巨,单智伟,马 恩,弹性应变工程,中国材料进展,12,,941-948(2018)                   179 Link 

 134. H. Fang, J. Zhou and P. Jena, Super-alkalis as building blocks of one-dimensional hierarchical electrides, Nanoscale, 10, 22963 (2018)                   179 Link

133. J. Zhou, H. Xu, Y. Li, R. Jaramillo and J. Li, Opto-Mechanics Driven Fast Martensitic Transition in Two-Dimensional Materials, Nano Letters, 18, 7794 (2018)                              179 Link 

132. C. Huang, K. Deng, J. Zhou and E. Kan, Atomically dispersed tungsten on metal halide monolayer as a ferromagnetic Chern insulator, Physical Review B, 98, 115424 (2018)                              179 Link 

131. L. G. Qin, H. X. Wu, J. D. Guo, X. N. Feng, G. N. Dong, J. Y. Shao, Q. F. Zeng, Y. L. Zhang and Y. B. Qin, Fabricating hierarchical micro and nano structures on implantable Co–Cr–Mo alloy for tissue engineering by one-step laser ablation, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 161, 628-635 (2018)                              179 Link 

130. H. C. Zhang, Y. Meng, L. F. Song, L. Q. Luo, Y. B. Qin, N. Han, Z. X. Yang, L. Liu,J. C. Ho and F. Y. Wang, High-performance enhancement-mode thin-film transistors based on Mg-doped In2O3 nanofiber networks, Nano Research, 11, 1227-1237 (2018)                              179 Link 

129. L. G. Qin, X. N. Feng, M. Hafezi, Y. L. Zhang, J. D. Guo, G. N. Dong,Y.B. Qin, Investigating the tribological and biological performance of covalently grafted chitosan coatings on Co–Cr–Mo alloy, Tribology International, 127, 302-312 (2018)                                                         Link 

128. I. Ronneberger, Y. H. Chen, W. Zhang and R. Mazzarello, Local Structural Origin of the Crystallization Tendency of Pure and Alloyed Sb, Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters, 27,  (2018)                                179 Link 

127. Y. Feng, W. Y. Li, C.W.Guo, M. J. Gong and K. Yang, Mechanical property improvement induced by nanoscaled deformation twins in cold-sprayed Cu coatings, Materials Science & Engineering A, 727, 119–122 (2018)                             179 Link 

126. L. P. Mo, C. W. Guo, Z. Zhou, F. S. Wu, C. Q. Liu, Microstructural evolution of Cu–Sn–Ni compounds in full intermetallic micro-joint and in situ micro-bending test, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 29, 11920–11929 (2018)                               179Link 

125. Z. Y.Li, X. F. Qi, L. J. Liu and G. S. Zhou, Numerical study of melt flow under the influence of heater-generating magnetic field during directional solidification of silicon ingots, JOURNAL OF CRYSTAL GROWTH, 484, 78-85 (2018)                               179 Link 

124. Y. C. Wang, B. Y. Liu, X. A. Zhao, X. H. Zhang, Y. C. Miao, N. Yang, B. Yang, L. Q. Zhang, W. J. Kuang, J. Li, E. Ma and Z. W. Shan, Turning a native or corroded Mg alloy surface into an anti-corrosion coating in excited CO2, Nature Communications, 9 (2018)                               Link 

123. L. Yang, L.Y Sun, R. Zhang, Y. Xu, X. Ning, Y. Qin, L. N. Ramasubramanian, J. Li and Z.  W. Shan, Reduced expansion and improved full-cell cycling of a SnOx#C embedded structure for lithium-ion battery, J. Mater. Chem. A, 6, 15738-15746 (2018)                              Link 

122. L. Y. Sun, L. Yang, J. Li, R. L. Narayan, X. H. Ning, Superior full-cell cycling and rate performance achieved by carbon coated hollow Fe3O4 nanoellipsoids for lithium ion battery, Electrochimica Acta, 228, 71-81 (2018)                            Link

 121. M. Wang., I. J. Beyerlein., J. Zhang., W. Z. Han, Defect-interface interactions in irradiated Cu/Ag nanocomposites, Acta Materialia, 160, 211-223 (2018)                             Link 

120. W. Zhang and E. Ma, Phase-change memory: Single-element glass to record data, Nature Materials, 17, 654-655 (2018)                             Link 

119. I. Ronneberger,  W. Zhang and R. Mazzarello, Crystal growth of Ge2Sb2Te5 at high temperatures, MRS Communications, Doi:10.1557/mrc (2018)                             Link 

118. Y. Ren, G. S. Zhou, D. G. Li, A pre-passive state observed for the passive film formed on Alloy 625 in a hydrochloric acid solution, Applied Surface Science, 431, 197-201 (2018)                           Link 

117. L. F. Tuo, G. S. Zhou, Z. Q. Yu, B. Wang, J. Wei, J. J. Li, Extrusion process of 316LN L-shape stainless steel and manufacture process of ITER side correction coil boxFusion Engineering and Design, 135, 15-23 (2018)                              Link 

116. J. Zhang, L. Liao, J. X. Zhu, X. Wan, M. Xie, H. Zhang, M. Zhang, L. Lu, H. Yang, D. Jing, X. Liu, S. Yu, X. L. Lu, C. Chen, Z. Shan and M. Wang, Osteochondral Interface Stiffening in Mandibular Condylar Osteoarthritis, Journal of Dental Research, 97(5), 563–570 (2018)                             Link

 115. L. Ren, W. L. Xiao, W. Z. Han, C. L. Ma and L. Zhou, Influence of duplex ageing on secondary α precipitates and mechanical properties of the near β-Ti alloy Ti-55531, Materials Characterization, 144, 1-8 (2018)                          Link 

114. Y. Yang, A. Kushima, W. Z. Han, H. Xin and J. Li, Liquid-Like, self-healing aluminum oxide during deformation at room temperature, Nano Letters, 18, 2492-2497 (2018)                                                 Link 

113. B. Y. Liu, N. Yang, J. Wang, M. Barnett, Y. C. Xin, D. Wu, R. L. Xin, B. Li, R. L. Narayan, J. F. Nie, J. Li, E. Ma and Z. W. Shan, Insight from in situ microscopy into which precipitate morphology can enable high strength in magnesium alloys, Journal of Materials Science & Technology,  34, 1061–1066 (2018)                             179  Link

 112. J. J. Wang, J. Wang, H. Du, L. Lu, P. C. Schmitz, J. Reindl, A. M. Mio, C. Jia, E. Ma, R. Mazzarello, M. Wuttig and W. Zhang,  Genesis and effects of swapping bi-layers in hexagonal GeSb2Te4, Chemistry of Materials,  DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.8b01900 (2018)                               Link 

111. T. Dai, Y. Zhao, X. H. Ning, N. R. Lakshmi, J. Li and Z. W. Shan, Capacity extended bismuth-antimony cathode for high-performance liquid metal battery, Journal of Power Sources381, 38-45 (2018)                            Link 

110. J. J. Wang, I. Ronneberger,L. Zhou, L. Lu, V. L. Deringer, B. Y. Zhang,L. Tian, H. C. Du, C. L. Jia, X. F. Qian, M. Wuttig, R. Mazzarello, and W. Zhang, Unconventional two-dimensional germanium dichalcogenides, Nanoscale10, 7363-7368 (2018)                             Link 

109. L. Q. Zhang, Y. S. Tang, Q. M. Peng, T. T. Yang, Q. N. Liu, Y. C. Wang, Y. F. Li, C. C. Du, Y. Sun, L. S. Cui, F. Yang, T. D. Shen, Z. W. Shan  and J. Y. Huang, Ceramic nanowelding, Nature CommunicationsDOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-02590-1 (2018)                              Link 

108. W. Z. Han, M. S. Ding and Z. W. Shan, Cracking behavior of helium-irradiated small-volume copper, Scripta Materialia147, 1-5 (2018)                             Link




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