Subject: The discussion about the different culture of each country, the methods of study, the major field of the research etc.
Time: 14:30 pm, Nov 28th, 2018
Location: 205 meeting room
The five graduate students who came from The University of Western Australia(UWA) reached CAMP - Nano and shared their views about Australian daily life and academic research. After welcoming them warmly, the host Chinese graduate students from CAMP - Nano also elaborated on their academic views and living experiences.
Michael Goodrick, Sahaj Parajuli, Michael Francis, Cameron Hind made a joint presentation on the topic of” Life and University in Australia”. It contains three main aspects. Firstly, it’s about the introduction of the UWA and the Perth which is the city they live in.The second aspect is about the academic research,; astronomy, optics, quantum physics and other academic fields all included. Their daily experience in Xi’an  made all of audiences restless and talking is the last aspect. The graduate student Bo Yang gave us a speech named “Take-home messages on Xi’an, Xi’an Jiaotong University and CAMP - Nano. Soon afterwards, Xinyao Wang presented his hometown - Tangshan and introduced the dislocation - precipitate interaction in ALSc alloy.
The whole exchange meeting took place with cheerful chatting and laughing as people snacked and expressed their thoughts on every specific topic. More such exchange meeting would be held in CAMP - Nano in the near future.