From Jan. 16th to Jan. 19th, the 2017 annual meeting of Center for Advancing Materials Performance from the Nano scale (CAMP-Nano) was held in the Intensity Building, Xi'an Jiaotong University. The annual meeting includes an academic discussion, a New Year's planning meeting and a year-end summary meeting. Prof. En Ma, overseas director of the center, and Prof. Ju Li, director of academic committee, made a special trip to return from overseas to attend the meeting. Professor Zhiwei Shan, Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, other teachers and all the students from the center attended the conference.

The symposium was composed of seven teacher’s reports and more than ten reports given by students. They had a deep discussion with Prof. Ma and Prof. Li around the field of in situ research on hydrogen embrittlement and hydrogen damage, radiation and anti-radiation materials, battery materials, synchrotron radiation and computational materials science. After that, the meeting about 2018 planning of CAMP-Nano was held under the host of Prof. Han. The attendees discussed and formulated the research direction and research goals in 2018.

On Jan. 19th, Prof. Weizhong Han gave us a conclusion on the achievements of Camp-Nano in funding, publication, and international communication. Administrative secretary Xiaohua Cheng on behalf of administrative group had a conclusive report on their work in the last year. Engineer Chaowei Guo from technical group also reported on the main work and achievements of technical group. Then Ph.D. students reported on their scientific researches and life respectively. And because of the outstanding contribution to H-9500 TEM, Longchao Huang was awarded the best instrument manager of CAMP-Nano. After that, the students Yuexian Hou, Jian Zhang, Yueqing Yang, Tingting Jiang and Jinmei Chen who respectively represent room 202, 301, 309, 312 and 314 also gave us five wonderful presentations about the achievements and funny moments of each room in the last year.

In the end, Prof. Ma, Prof. Li and Prof. Shan concluded the conference with great wishes and expectations for everyone to make more milestone works for CAMP-Nano and establish more achievements for the tenth anniversary of CAMP-Nano.