On December 14th to 15th ,three CAMPers attended the 1st China Automotive EVI and Hydrogen Induced Delayed Cracking Conference in Beijing which is organized by Citic Metal Corporation and China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Corporation.Nowadays, demands for automobile lightweighting and safety have led to rapid growth in the use of high strength steels and ultra high strength steels and advanced forming technologies, which also require companies who supply raw materials, components and parts to have the EVI ability and provide solutions for main engine factories. In addition, events relating to hydrogen induced delayed cracking in high strength steels often occur, causing safety risks to car, bridge, track and other industries .So the conference sponsors hope to strengthen communication and cooperation among upstream and downstream firms, deeply understand intrinsic mechanisms of hydrogen induced delayed cracking in high strength steels through the conference.

Doctor Xie from Camp-nano gave an invited report entitled ”Interaction between H and dislocation/interface studied by in situ environmental TEM”. In the report, Xie introduced a lot of in-situ TEM work on hydrogen embrittlement of aluminum and iron which appealed to audience and Xie discussed with audience after the report.
The conference where many excellent reports were given based on the present problems in automobile industry, from which all participants benefit a lot.