The 8th workshop on FIB Technology was held in Lanzhou University from Nov. 22nd to Nov. 24th. Researchers in FIB field were invited to attend the workshop and gave plenary talks on FIB technology and application of FIB. In addition, many companies, such as FEI, TESCAN, ZEISS, BRUKE and OXFORD were invited to participate in the workshop. Technicians form these companies gave talks on their advanced instruments and new technologies.

Five campers, including technician Zhanming Zhang, technician Chaowei Guo, technician Yuanbin Qin, technician Qinqin Fu and PhD candidate Shihao Li, attended the workshop. Technician Qinqin Fu gave a plenary talk on the application of FIB on the characterization of pipeline steel. The talk mainly focused on sample preparation using FIB and microstructure characterization in TEM, which was highly appreciated by conventioneers. PhD candidate Shihao Li gave a talk entitled “Small-Volume Aluminum Alloys Deliver Unprecedented Strength and Toughness”.
These talks in the workshop mainly focused on the application of FIB and new FIB Technologies. Campers discussed with researchers from other universities and technicians from companies and gained rich harvest in the workshop.