On November 11 to 12, 2017, Professor Shan Zhiwei, Professor of Ma En, Professor Li Ju, Professor Han Weizhong and more than twenty teachers and students participated in the 2017 International Forum on Advanced Materials.
On November 11, The forum includes six areas of nano materials, superconducting materials, material strategy, polymer materials, nuclear materials, titanium alloy materials . Professor Ma En and Professor Li Ju were invited to give reports entitled "Sub-nanometer Structural Control Delivers Record-setting Sub-nanosecond Speed for Phase change Memory" and "elastic strain engineering".The report of Professor Ma En describes an example of advancing materials performance from the nanoscale,the theme of the research at CAMP-Nano.It shows a success story that exploits the advantages of metastable alloys for nanoelectronics,setting an unprecedented operation speed for memory and switch applications. The report of Professor Li Ju gives examples of exploiting the strain design space of low-dimensional materials.Homogenenous and inhomogeneous elastic strain,bending,interlayer twist and slip lead to tunable,low-energy artificial superlattices and so on.
On November 12, the teachers and students in Camp Nano listened to the reports carefully in different sub forums. In the material genome forum,Professor Shan Zhiwei gave a report entitled "High Performance Magnesium Alloy Design Based on Underlying Physical Mechanism-A Typical Example for Materials Genome Initiative". In the nuclear material forum,Professor Han Weizhong gave a report entitled " Deformation Mechanism of Nanometer Metals "
In the two days,CAMPers listen to reports carefully and benefit a lot.