From 18thOctober to 22nd October, 7 CAMPers including Prof. Zhiwei Shan, Prof Weizhong Han, technician Danli Zhang, Qinqin Fu, PhD candidates Ning Xu, Longchao Huang and Yueqing Yang attended the 2017 annual electron microscopy scholar conference held in Cheng Du.
Prof. Zhiwei Shan and Prof. Weizhong Han were invited to give two talks about state-of-arts heating MEMS chips and influence of electron irradiation on deformation, respectively. Also, technician Qinqin Fu gave one talk in the realm of phase transition of Q&P steel. Their wonderful reports attracted great interest of audience.
In this three-days meeting, near 900 members registered and attended, which brought more than 260 talks totally. CAMPers listened carefully and discussed on the evening. At the same time, CAMPers make full use of chances to discuss with reporters and representatives of companies. All 7 CAMPers claimed they got one rich harvest from this meeting.