Prof. Chai, a prestigious professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University, is expert in the field of magnesium researching including high strength and high toughness magnesium alloys, Mg-Li alloys, Mg-based composites, Al-based composites and the anti-corrosion of magnesium and so on. Until now, 3 types of Mg-Li alloys and AZ33M magnesium alloy have been listed in national standard under 10-year efforts of his team and whose magnesium alloys had been used in CECT and aerospace, such as Assembly unit of Satellite, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Radar and so on. He hosted a lot of projects like NSFC Natural Science Foundation of China, National ‘973’ project and other military defense project. And he also got a lot of awards such as National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology (Third-class), Science and technology progress award of coal (First-class), MOE technological award (Second-class) and National education commission science and technology progress awards and so on.
At Prof. Zhiwei Shan’s invitation, today he gave us a great report entitled “Light metal and composite materials”, appealing to many teachers and students. He at first compared magnesium alloy with aluminum alloy about various properties, including electrical properties, magnetic properties, thermal properties and so on. Then he pointed out that the main weaknesses existing in magnesium alloy include low elasticity modulus, poor plasticity and corrosion resistance. The part of “design and development of Mg-Li alloys” grabbed audiences’ attention most. At present, the ultralight Mg-Li alloys designed by his team have been applied to more than 16 space agencies since the alloys meet the requirements of aerospace products completely. Finally, he emphasized advantages and prospects of magnesium alloy with confidence and hoped all ‘Mgers’ could explore its potentials in a common effort.