As time flies, it’s the annual graduation season. We can meet the graduates in academic dress everywhere in the campus. They take photos with each other in order to commemorate their college life at some landmark buildings, such as Tengfei Tower, Library and so on. The campers including Xin’ai Zhao and Meng Li will leave CAMP-Nano for their new life.
Xin’ai Zhao, guided by Prof. Zhiwei Shan, the dean of MSE, joined CAMP-Nano since 2014 and she graduated successfully this year. Looking back to the three years of postgraduate, she was impressed. She said, “CAMP-Nano is like a warm home, all the campers including the teachers, secretaries, technologists and all the students give me a lot of help which involves not only scientific research but life. I remember the first day to the laboratory of CAMP-Nano, the brothers and sisters taught me hand by hand about the experimental progress and experimental scheme.” In her three years of master study, Xin’ai Zhao made great efforts in her research and study. So she had the opportunities to get the national scholarship for graduate students in her first year of master and she got her job in HUAWEI to begin her new life. Congratulate for her success!
Meng Li, whose supervisor is Prof. Zhiwei Shan, the dean of MSE, got her Ph.D degree in CAMP-Nano successfully. And she will go abroad to pursue her post-doctor since September of this year. She is a very hardworking student and she sets a good example to all of us. Over the past few years, she went to King Abdullah University of Science &Technology as a excellent student time after time. The MEMS chips invented by herself had been used in H9500, the ETEM purchased from HITACHI, due to its high stability and good control of temperature. And her experiment results was published on the top journal Nature Communications. In addition, Meng Li got the Hitachi XHRDC Scholarship for her invention of a novel heating Protochips used in TEM in the 9th International Workshop on Materials Behavior at the Micro-and Nano-Scale held in Xi’an.
As the poet Changling Wang said, “It is very difficult to say goodbye, but you will have a new and great life soon.” Nowadays, both of you will leave Xi’an and we hope that you will have a good working atmosphere and nice colleagues like campers of CAMP-Nano. Enjoy your new life and welcome back to CAMP-Nano!