On the 3rd Jul, two CAMPers including Chuanwei Fan and Yueqing Yang, as representative of attending universities and prize-winner of 4th sharing cup competition, attended the opening ceremony of 5th Sharing Cup competition.

Chuanwei Fan, network engineer of CAMP-Nano, thanked staff of organizing committee and shared his understanding about the present situation of large-scale instrument and equipment. After many years of continuous investment, our country have owned lots of advanced instruments like transmission electrical microscope (TEM). How to make full use of these instruments is still one tough problem. The home-made software, Easy-Lab, is one efficient way to solve this problem. And he also hoped more attention can be paid on this problem to get better use of instruments.
Yueqing Yang, teammate of the second award of last competition, gave one presentation about gains of this competition. He owned their success to the courage of facing problems, close cooperation of the whole team and the patient guidance of Prof. Zhiwei Shan and technician Chuanwei Fan. He also encouraged all present students in the hall to create something new without fearless.
Encouraged by the achievement obtained in last year, this team plans to get better award in 5th Sharing Cup competition. And we welcome all the volunteers who are interested in this work to join in us. Please contact Yueqing Yang whose e-mail is windclears@gmai.com.