Recently, a representative team of school of material and engineering whose members include Xiaoguang Wang and Yueqing Yang, two students of CAMP-Nano, Ying Wang and Xin Gao, just won three awards of National Sharing Cup Competition including the Second Award of Competition, the Excellent Guide Teacher Award(Prof. Zhiwei Shan) and the Outstanding Organization Award(Xi’an Jiao Tong University).

 In the last year’s summer holiday, our team was set up and began to prepare this competition. All members worked together and discussed in detail. Then our team made the plan that what we needed to do was making a wonderful brochure to let people know our home-made software, the Easy Lab, which is designed to effectively solve problems in the lab machines management. Each member performed their roles and the entire team cooperated fully. After paying great effort, the original work was born and improved again and again. Of course, Prof. Shan and Chuanwei Fan, also gave us a lot of significant advice during all the period of creation, which helped our production better and better.

This is a typical team victory that everyone pays their duties and works together.