On April 8th, the 121st anniversary of establishment in Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), Zhou Huijiu Forum - Frontier Academic Reports organized by School of Material Science and Engineering was held in the hall 101 in Science Building. Professor Wang Huaming - fellow of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the chief scientist in “aviation materials and structure” division of Aeronautics and Astronautics Science and Technology National Laboratory, and alumni of 1988 class; Professor Zhang Zhefeng from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Outstanding Youth Fund winner and alumni of 2002; and Professor Yu Qian from Department of Materials in Zhejiang University, Thousands of Talents Prize winner, were invited to give reports. At the end session of the forum, three teachers at the Hall of Starry Sky shared their school life with audience. The forum is aimed at providing a platform for academic communication and inspiring wisdom.

On April 9th, Alumni Association in material science and engineering of XJTU was formally established. Zhang Maizeng, the secretary of the party committee in XJTU; Wang Shuguo, the principle; Wang Xiaoli, deputy secretary of the party committee; and Zhang Dinghong, party standing committee member, attended the celebration which was hosted by Xi Guang, the vice principal. In the subsequent two forums, alumni were free to give suggestion for the development of material principles and our university, and they made a lot of contributions to the achievement of "double top" with their wisdom and experience.



During a visit to the State Key Laboratory for Mechanical Behaviors of Materials and the exhibition hall of China Western Region Scientific & Technological Innovation Harbor, alumni were shown with the development of discipline and the university in recent years. They also visited CAMPNano with a strong interest in the state-of-art analysis and measurement method for material properties. The knowledge of materials such as dislocations and twins are still kept in their mind after so many years. Technical staff answered a few questions relating to the equipment. It is inspiring for them to witness the development of high-tech equipment helping to understand what used to be unveiled.