Prof Qing Huang and Prof. Shiyu Du, the researcher who had been working on exploitation and research for nuclear materials and physical properties theoretical calculation of nuclear fuel respectively from Engineering Laboratory for Specialty Fibers and Nuclear Energy Materials in Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology& Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited by Prof. Weizhong Han to gave two lectures which were organized by ZHOU HUIJIU FORUM .


On March 22, 2017, before the lecture, Prof. Weizhong Han gave a brief introduction about two researchers. Prof. Qing Huang has been devoted himself to scientific research on design and evaluation about accident fault typed ACM. After that, they were awarded the honor certification of ZHOU HUIJIU FORUM by Prof. Zhiwei Shan. Then Prof. Qing Huang gave us a lecture about the research of advanced nuclear energy system structure materials in the future. Beginning with Meltdowns of three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, he stressed the high security of nuclear structure materials and put forward SiC coating outside Zr alloys or SiC composite material replacing Zr alloys. Afterwards, preparation and processing technology of ceramic matrix composite material were introduced. Besides that, Prof.Qing Huang introduced the technology and application of special coating and Nuclear materials genome.

Prof. Shiyu Du gave us a presentation about theoretical prediction on electron structure and physic properties of low dimension materials MXene. He introduced his research progress recently that by first-principal calculations, he determined semiconducting MXene members with high thermal conductivities and high carrier nobilities. With these work, Prof. Shiyu Du expected to provide new sight into the application of MXenes for nanoelectrons.