The 2016 annual meeting organized by Center for Advancing Materials Performance from the Nano scale (CAMP-Nano) was held from Jan. 7th to Jan. 11th. It is open for anyone in Camp_Nano including international students and visiting scholars. In this meeting, great chances are offered for young scholars and students to communicate and discuss with Prof. Ma, Prof. Li, Prof. Shan and any other scholars attending the conference.

The annual meeting includes seventeen reports given by students, one faculty summary meeting, five summary reports given by technical staff, administrative staff and three students offices, a talk given by Prof. Ma, Prof. Li and Prof. Shan.

On Jan. 11th, Prof. Weizhong Han gave us a conclusion on the achievements of Camp_Nano in funding, publication, and international communication. Administrative secretary Xiaohua Cheng on behalf of administrative group had a conclusive report on their work in the last year. Engineer Zhangpeng Zhan from technical group also reported on the main work and achievements of technical group. There students Yueqing Yang, Xiaoguang Wang and Pingjiong Yang from room 309, 312 and 314 also gave us three presentations about the achievements and funny moments of each room in the last year.  

In the end, Prof. Ma, Prof. Li and Prof. Shan concluded the conference with great wishes and expectations for everyone to make Camp_Nano stronger and establish achievements in material science.

Reporter:Liuyang Sun, Yue Zhao, Wenxin Zhu, Simian Liu, Min Wang, Jill,Qizhi,Jun Wang & Shehzad