Prof. Song, selected by Thousand Talents Program of the 9th batch of long-term innovation and the Director of Center for Marine Materials Corrosion and Protection, Xiamen University, is invited to Zhouhuijiu Forum to give a lecture entitled “Corrosion and Prevention of Mg and its alloy” on Dec. 20th, 2016. During the lecture, described the mechanism of corrosion on magnesium alloy and effects under different environments, the lecture appealing to professors and students from different research groups and all sorts of grade.


Magnesium (Mg) and its alloys, as the lightest engineering structural materials, have found more and more potential applications in the automotive, aerospace, electronic and defense industries, but due to its highly active nature, the practical use of them critically depends upon the successful control of their corrosion in actual service environments. Following the fundamental understanding regarding corrosion mechanisms and behavior of Mg and its alloys, the lecture given by Prof. Song focuses on recently developed corrosion prevention technologies for Mg alloys, and expounds the possibility of corrosion prevention in thermodynamics, dynamics and treatment process such as surface conversion and coatings, respectively.


At the end of the lecture, audiences asks questions and participated in discussions actively, which includes the phenomena of corrosion, the measurement of corrosion rate as well as using Al2O3 to coat Mg alloys. Moreover, he puts forward practicable methods and gives concrete examples of surface technology and coating treatment. Finally, he emphasizes advantages and prospects of magnesium alloy with confidence and hopes all Mgers could explore its potentials in a common effort.