Graduate National Scholarship is used to award the talented qualified graduates who show excellent academic performance and have significant scientific research ability with outstanding growth potential.                             
In the Material Institute, the number of students who receive this award every year is limited to ten. So the award is not only a generous reward, but also a supreme honor. CAMP-Nano’s master candidate Yang Yueqing won this honor by virtue of the outstanding academic performance scientific research.
After graduating from Xi’dian University, Yang joined in CAMP-Nano, Xi’an Jiaotong University in the year 2015. Yang’s research interest is in the study of the mechanical properties of vanadium single crystal at nano-scale. During the first year of graduate-level study, Yang paid great attention to the courses, and the final average score is 91.28. Yang showed the leading efforts in an effort in Graduate Class 5077, promoting his strengths and fostering positive relationships between classmates.
There are a few suggestions that Yang wants to share with new campers:
1. Show serious attitude towards the First-year courses work.
2. Do extensive reading, especially the Doctoral thesis. The detail study can give you much help.
3. Try to grasp the main equipment as soon as possible, and also understand the principle of them.
4. Pay attention to the communication with your supervisor.
It is well said “No pains no gains”. An honour is like a flower watered by the sweat. Let’s act, put our heart and soul into the study. Wish each CAMPer can gain a lot.