Dr. John Plummer, Senior Editor of Nature Materials, visited XJTU and CAMP-Nano on Sept. 11th. John’s visit starts from the meeting with Prof. Shuguo Wang, President of XJTU. Prof. Jun Sun, Dean of the school of Materials Science and Engineering(SMSE), Prof. Zhiwei Shan, Deputy Dean of SMSE and Dr. Li Liang, Dean of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of XJTU also attended the meeting.

President Wang extended a warm welcome to Dr. John Plummer on behalf of the university, and gave a brief introduction of XJTU, emphasizing on the on-going construction of Western Science and Technology Innovation Area, including its prospective scale in both space and the number of scientists. Dr. Plummer showed his praise on XJTU’s research capability and output. In the end, President Wang proposed the foundation of another Nature office in Xi’an. 

After the meeting, Dr. Plummer delivered the lecture on the title of “Publishing on Nature Journals” at the 101 room of the science building from 10:00 to 11:00 am. He explained the differences between Nature journals, what makes a Nature journal and the journal paper, how to publish in a Nature family journal and also gave some tips about resources for better writing. The lecture attracted many teachers and students from various departments of the school. 

In the afternoon, Dr. Plummer was led to CAMP-Nano and given a tour by Prof. Shan. Then he was invited to attend CAMP-Nano’s free seminar at 215 meeting room, during which he had engaged deeply in the presentation and discussion given by campers. Before leaving, Dr. Plummer took a picture in front of the feature wall with Prof. Shan and Dr. Wei Zhang, faculty of CAMP-Nano, to memorize his pleasant trip to XJTU.