“Summing up the past and looking forward to the coming year”, the 2014 summary meeting was successfully held on Jan 7~9, 2015. The meeting was consisted of three main parts: the mini-workshop on-going research, CAMP-Nano Young Faculty performance review and the summary reports of the year of 2014.

After the opening remark of Prof. Zhiwei Shan, executive director of CAMP-Nano, students of CAMP-Nano gave their reports on their latest research. Prof. Evan Ma and Ju Li also listened to the reports.

Meanwhile, Young faculties, Technical group, Administrative group and representatives of each students’ office also gave their summing up reports in 2014 and their outlooks, hopes and plans in the coming year. Reviewing the past and planning for the future is a core element for further improvement and better performance in the days to come.

Students' on-going research reports

Technician group summary reports
Administrative group summary reports
Voting for the best performance students' office

The First Prize belongs to Room 309
The Second Prize belongs to Room 312 
TheThird Prize belongs to Room 314
Congratulations to all of them and Happy New Year!
Group photo of Campers
Details of students' research reports.

Session I.

Mechanical Behaivor of Materialsat Small Scale

Chair: Prof. Weizhong Han

Boyu Liu

ffects of Precipitates on Deformation Twinning in Magnesium Alloys

Mingshuai Ding

Mechanical Response of Helium Implanted Copper Pillar

Degang Xie

Introduction of Hydrogen and Its Effect on Dislocation Behavior in Aluminum

Yuecun Wang

Thermal Treatment-induced Ductile-to-brittle Transition of Submicron Sized FIBed Si Pillars and Their Amorphization During Compression

Session II.

Friction, Precipitation andContact Process of Materials

Chair: Prof. Kai Chen

Ning Xu

Scratch Deformation and Friction of Cu atNano-scale

Fei Ai

In situ TEM Study of Secondarily Precipitated Phases of a Ni-Based Superalloy During High Temperature Aging Treatment

Wei Guo

The Strongest Size in Single-asperity Contact

Hao Shen

Mass Transfer in C U NWs: the mechanism and application

Session III.

Catalyst, Airborne Particles and Battery

Chair: Prof. Xiaohui Ning

Penghan Lu

In situ E-TEM Study of Noble Metal Nanocatalyst Dynamics During Catalytic Carbon Gasification

Linli/Penghan Lu

In situ TEM Observation of Noncatalytic Growth and E-beam-assisted Reduction of Tungsten Oxide Nanowires

Mingshuai Ding

Hard Airborne Particles with Character Morphology, Structure and Chemistry: AKey to Track Emission Sources

Tao Dai

The Efficiency Promotion and Lifetime Extension in Liquid Metal Battery