Column “ Focus on ” on CCTV13 (news channel of China Central Television)and news report on CCTV2 (channel of finance and economics of China Central Television ) interviewed and reported the scientific research finding of Prof. Zhiwei Shan and master student Mingshuai Ding of CAMP-Nano on Oct 24, 2014, both are team leaders of a research group aimed at the study of atmospheric haze (pm 2.5), one of the common concerns and major issues to be addressed not only by Chinese government, the whole society, as well the atmospheric environment in the whole world range.

The research team observed hundreds of granules of haze they've collected under electron microscope in the micro and nano scale and studied the shape and elements in order to find out the cause and further to reduce or prevent the severe harm to human body and precision instruments used in crucial industries such as aeronautics industry. The research group had amazing findings of different irregular shaped pictures of haze and elements such as silicate, lead, sulphur, titanium etc. The source and reason how haze is formed is extremely important to solve the atmospheric problem and we will further the study to the problem solving process, noted by Prof. Shan.

The study of pm 2.5 in CAMP-Nano attracted multiple media’s focus and coverage not only by the most authoritative news media (CCTV),  but also by Xi’an Channel, Xi’an Evening News, Xi’an Daily News, XJTU News and others press corps and agencies, and tens of online websites republished the news as well.

 Faculties and students in CAMP-Nano were encouraged and motivated by the social influence and public reaction of this research on 
atmospheric haze and stated their determination to contribute more to the scientific world with great efforts, besides, Shuguo Wang, president of Xi’an Jiaotong University and scientists from other research institutes also emphasized their appreciations for CAMP-Nano’s efforts for the development of science and stressed the urgency and significance of environment pollution solving issues.

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