Fischione,s Model 1040 Nano Mill system is an excellent tool for preparing the ultra-thin, high-quality specimens needed for advanced transmission electron microscopy imaing and analysis. With variable ion energy (from 50e V to 2.0KeV) and small beam size (as small as 2μm), this nano mill is very suitable for removal of amorphization, implantation, and redepositon generated in FIB or ion mill. Combining an secondary electron detector, it is easy to select the target milling area on the SED image.


  • Voltage: 0.05 to 2.0KeV
  • Maximum beam current density: 1mA/cm2
  • Minimum beam diameter: 2μm
  • Milling angle: -10° to 30°
  • Rotation angle: -180° to 180°