Imaging,analysis and control of matter at the nanoscale - eys to future research and development - are routine with the Helios NanoLab DualBeam.This SEM/FIB combines the most advanced scanning electron microscope(SEM)and focused ion beam(FIB)technologies with innovative gas chemistries,detectors and manipulators.Featuring unsurpassed SEM resolution,image quality and stunning Sidewinder FIB performance,imaging,milling or preparing samples is fast and easy for semiconductor and data storage labs,research facilities and industrial applications.
A focused ion beam system(FIB)is a relatively new tool that has a high degree of analogy with a focused electron beam system such as a scanning electron microscope or a transmission electron microscope.In these systems the electron beam is directed towards the sample,and upon interaction it generates signals that are used to create high magnification images of the sample.As the beam is well controlled in size and position and the signals are strong enough to be detected without excessive noise,these kinds of tools are very powerful to analyze samples in great detail over a wide range of magnifications


  • Resolution

    Electron beam


    Ion Beam


  • Accelerating voltage

    Electron beam


    Ion Beam


  • Electron gun    ZrO/W(100)Schottky
  • Ion gun            Ga LMIS