The H-9500 300 kV transmission electron microscope is designed to support research on solid state materials and polymeric materials. The new H-9500 300 kV TEM utilizes modern computer control and digital cameras to enhance user-friendliness. The H-9500 is known for its ease of atomic resolution imaging, high sample throughput and a wide variety of analytical capabilities.



Atomic resolution gas injection-heating in-situ TEM

Digital, user-friendly atomic resolution imaging

High sample throughput

Fast and slow CCD camera systems

High stability 5-axis side-entry hyper stage

Electron Gun  Single crystal: LaB6

Accelerating Voltage: 300 kV, 200 kV, 100 kV

Resolution: 0.10 nm (crystal lattice),0.18 nm (point-to-point)

Magnification: x200 - x1,500,000