Prof. Lina Zhang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Distinguished Professor in Wuhan University, Director of Natural Polymer and Polymer Physics Laboratory, visited CAMP-Nano under the guidance of Deputy Director of CAMP-Nano, Prof. Weizhong Han on Dec 20, 2014.

Prof.Lina Zhang’s research field has mainly focused on cellulose, chitin, soy protein, starch, fungal polysaccharides, and novel eco-friendly functional materials as well as the relationship between structure and properties. In the past decade, her team have been in charge of 20 projects, including major grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Base Research Program of China,“973”“863” National project, international and oversea cooperation projects, with accumulative total funding amount of 20,000,000 RMB. Professor Zhang is the chief editor of 5 books. So far, a total of 57 doctoral (including a foreign candidate), 25 master students, and 1 postdoctoral researcher (Indian) have graduated under Professor Zhang’s supervision.

Professor Zhang became the first Chinese scientist to receive the 2011 Anselme Payen Award from the ACS CELL Division for contributions to the dissolution of cellulose at low temperature and the development of new materials from cellulose and chitin. Recently, Prof. Zhang was granted the State Natural Science Award of 2012(Completed by Lina Zhang,Yumin Du,Jie Cai,Lingyun Chen and Jinping Zhou).