How graphene, a single layer of carbon sheet, could potentially bring tremendous changes to our daily lives? An interesting lecture titled: “Graphene and graphene-based devices: one future for electronics” was given by Prof. John Bell from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia on 13 October 2014. As organized by CAMP-Nano, the lecture attracted large number of audiences within the centre and from different schools.

In the lecture, Prof. Bell introduced the latest work on Low dimensional materials like graphene and graphene/carbon nanotubes hybird materials who have numerous unique attributes in ballistic electron transport and high thermal conductivity. He showed that after modification with conducting polymers, the interactions between these carbon-based materials and the polymers can lead to nanoscale heterojunctions, and open up the possibility of nanoscale electronic devices.  The advantages of these type of electronic structures over traditional semiconductor devices are the possibility of large scale nanoelectronic device fabrication using self-assembly processes. 
The visit of Prof. John Bell and Prof. Yuantong Gu from QUT to CAMP-Nano has kicked a starter on the international collaboration between the two institutes. The collaboration was initiated by Prof. Zhiwei Shan and Prof. Yuantong Gu whose PhD student, Arixin Bo is currently working in CAMP-Nano as a short-term exchange student. He mainly focuses on the tensile behavior of single nanowire materials which greatly relies on delicate sample preparation and precise testing techniques. After receiving trainings from the CAMP-Nano technicians, he is now operational on the instruments and producing results.      

Here in CAMP-Nano, the international exchange student can be fully trained to be competent operators on the advanced instruments like electron microscopes and arrange their own experiments using the online instrument booking system accordingly. Moreover, the weekly sub-group meeting and the relaxing monthly lunch party in CAMP-Nano has also created a great platform for exchange of ideas and culture between the campers and exchange students. It is worthy of mentioning that the favorable academic environment and cutting-edge instruments in CAMP-Nano is attracting great international attention in the section of student exchange and laboratory cooperation.

Prof. John Bell and Prof. Yuantong Gu  visiting CAMP-Nano with Prof.Shan


Prof. John Bell giving the lecture

(From left to right: Arixin Bo,Prof.Shan,Prof. John Bell ,Prof. Yuantong Gu and Dr Xiaohui Ning)