Prof. George M. Pharr, Member of National Academy of Engineering and Chancellor's Professor and McKamey Professor of Engineering, The University of Tennessee, was welcomed and conferred Honorary Professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University on Sep12,2014.

Invited by Prof Zhiwei Shan, Executive Director of CAMP-Nano and Deputy Dean of School of MSE, Prof George Pharr and his wife Marilyn Pharr visited CAMP-Nano and the State Key Laboratory for Mechanical Behavior of Materials accompanied by Prof. Shan and Prof. Han (Faculty of CAMP-Nano) in the morning of Sep11. 2014. Meanwhile, a lively discussion meeting was held in the afternoon of the same day, the heated discussion made the distance closer among Prof. George M. Pharr, the students and teachers of CAMP-Nano.

Hosted by Prof. Jun Sun, Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering, XJTU, the conferring ceremony of Honorary Professor to George M. Pharr was hold at R.m205, MES building on Sep12, 2014. During the ceremony, the Certificate of Honorary Professor and school badge of XJTU were presented to Prof. George by Prof. Tianjian Lu, Vice President of XJTU.

Prof. Tianjian Lu noted in his opening remarks that Xi’an Jiaotong University was really honored to have Prof. George as Honorary Professor and hoped more chances would occur in the exchange and communication process between The University of Tennessee and Xi’an Jiaotong University. Prof.Shan also spoke highly of this great event; he mentioned that this will be another jumping step for the internationalization and modernization of CAMP-Nano.

At the end of the ceremony, Prof. George Pharr gave an excellent lecture titled “Stochastic Processes and the Strength of Metals Containing a Limited Number of Dislocations” ,  he also expressed his appreciation and great pleasure to be part of CAMP-Nano and XJTU.


Prof.George M. Pharr was conferred the Hononary Professor
(They are Prof Zhiwei Shan, Prof.George M.Pharr, Prof.Tianjian Lu and Prof.Jun Sun from left to right )
Prof.George M. Pharr and Mrs.Pharr were visiting CAMP-Nano

Prof.George M. Pharr was giving the lecture