The second International Conference of Young Researchers on Advanced Materials (IUMRS-ICYRAM) was carried out from Oct.24 to Oct.29 this year on Hainan International Convention & Exhibition Center in Haikou city, Hainan province of China. Seven members of CAMP-Nano participated in this conference.

This biennial conference was organized by Chinese Materials Research Society (C-MRS) and The International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS)and the first conference (ICYRAM2012) was organized by Materials Research Society of Singapore. 

The mission of ICYRAM is to provide a platform for researchers under the age of 40 to present technical findings of their research, to connect the network within the international community of other young researchers, and to broaden their general materials-based knowledge. Young researchers can receive the advice of successful senior researchers, and interact or exchange their different perspectives.

The majority members of CAMP-Nano took part in the symposium G1 (Structure and properties of materials at the micro- and nano-scale).During the symposium, Zhiwei Shan gave an invited report named "In situ TEM investigation of the mechanical behavior of HCP structured metals". Prof. Shan recommend a newly research on HCP Mg. The new discovery of the deformation mechanism in pure Mg and precipitated-Mg may give new design of light weight alloy.


Prof. Zhiwei Shan was giving his speech

Weizhong Han gave an invited speech named "The superelastic response of Ni2FeGa shape memory alloy pillar". He presented the work about the size limitation of Ni2FeGa shape memory alloy pillar in detail. When the sample size decreases into less than 1 μm, the function of shape memory disappears.

Prof. Weizhong Han was giving his speech

Yuecun Wang gave a talk named "Thermal treatment induced ductile-to-brittle transition of FIB-ed silicon pillars ". In her report, she introduced an unexpected phenomenon that the softened and ductile core shell structured Si pillars (outer: amorphous layer; inner: single crystal silicon) recrystallized into brittle.



Yuecun Wang was giving her report

Longchao Huang's report was "Sample size and strain rate effects on the deformation behaviors of submicron sized single crytal Vanadium". He described the size dependent strain rate sensitivity and strain rate dependent size strengthening of the submicron sized single crystalline BCC vanadium, which were rarely studied.


Longchao Huang was introducing his work 

Mingshuai Ding's talk was named "Composition, morphology and mechanical property of the airborne fine particles". In his talking, he introduced the heated topic of haze in China, which brought about a hot discussion in the conference. Before the conference, this research was reported on CCTV13.

Mingshuai Ding was giving his report  

Chuanwei Fan also gave an attractive exhibition to introduce a very useful online instrument equipped with management system named Easy-lab, which also attracted a lot of attentions. This is a great opportunity for researchers from different laboratories, colleges or countries to discuss and learn from each other.