Some teachers and students of CAMP-Nano attended 2014 IFAM(Internationa Forum of Advanced Materials)  in Xi’an on Sep20, 2014 . Organized by China Engineering Chemical, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Department, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Northwest Nonferrous Metal academe, Xi’an Jiaotong Univerisity, etc, the 2014 IFAM is the fourth forum since it was held in Zi Bo in 2011 and this two-day forum attracted 34 academicians and more than 700 people to attend and discuss the trend of new material to get a better understanding of the latest international research achievements in the materials science and technology.

The 2014 IFAM invited Chinese scientists both at home and abroad who have gained great achievements in important fields such as superconducting material, composite material, solidification technology, 3D printing, materials computation and so on to  give lectures on the  world frontier science and technology in materials. On the afternoon of Sep 21th, the frontier forums were held mainly focused on the following issues: 3D printing technology, composite materials and Materials Genome Initiative (MGI).

Some of the Campers who attended this forum has noted that they can really harvest and abtain some of the richness and  essence of the latest advanced breakthrough, and they were motived by the spirit to do better in the fields of their own devotion.


The 2014 IFAM