Professor Evan Ma, Professor Zhiwei Shan and PhD Zhangjie Wang, three representatives from CAMP-Nano, attended the Structural Nanomaterials Gordon Research Conference (GRC) in Hong Kong, China on July 20-25, 2014. Prof. Evan Ma, Director of CAMP-Nano made a speech titled “Structural Design to Achieve Record-Breaking Fracture Toughness in Metallic Glasses and Unprecedented Tensile Ductility in Nanostructued Mo Alloys”. Besides, Subra Suresh, President of Carnegie Mellon University and Honorary Professor of CAMP-Nano also gave a keynote speech in this conference.

GRC, which aims at promoting recent advances in understanding the structure and properties of Nanomateria, has attracted and gathered top scientists from academia and industry with backgrounds in structural materials and even functional materials to better understand the nanostructures and advance their technological applications.

A discussion meeting was organized in CAMP-Nano on July 26. “GRC is a great opportunity for us to learn and share the latest discoveries and innovative thoughts with each other.” Prof. Shan said during the discussion meeting after coming back from GRC, “Students are encouraged to act actively in the participation process and I hope more members from CAMP-Nano will have chances to take part in more high-level international conferences in the coming days.” PhD Zhangjie Wang also spoke highly of this conference and shared her experience with the students of CAMP-Nano.


                                                                                               Group Photo  at GRC

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