Prof. Zhiwei Shan, the Executive Director of CAMP-Nano, and Qinqin Fu, a technical staff of CAMP-Nano, with 4 students attended the 4th National FIB Technology and Academic Seminar in Tianjin, from November 20th to 22nd, 2013. 

The seminar invited about 20 speakers from all over the country to discuss the progress of FIB technology and share the achievements of scientific research. It was held mainly for scholars engaged in the research with FIB to enhance their expertise and technical capability as well as to improve their research quality.

During the conference, Qinqin Fu gave an invited talk named “New Applications of FIB at CAMP-Nano”. Besides, three campers Ning Xu, Fei Ai and Pengcheng Zhang showed their research results in the form of posters and they all won the award of the excellent poster.