Prof. Zhiwei Shan, the Executive Director of CAMP-Nano, and two campers attended the M&M 2013 Annual Meeting(Microscopy & Microanalysis) in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S. from Aug.4 to Aug.9.

M&M Annual meeting is held by the Microscopy Society of America, the Microanalysis Society, and the International Metallographic Society. The meeting is aimed at bringing the latest and most innovative applications and instrumental developments from investigators using microscopy and microanalysis techniques in the biological and physical sciences. M&M 2013 featured more than 34 symposia covering a broad range of topics, two plenary lectures, numerous educational opportunities in the form of courses and tutorials, and pre-meeting events including short courses, a congress and a workshop.

During the conference, Prof. Shan gave a talk titled ‘Quantitative Gas-Thermal-Mechanical Nanolab inside an ETEM’ on the pre-meeting ‘Opportunities, Challenges and Outlook for In-situ Experiments in Liquids and Gases using Electron-Optical Instruments’. Besides, Penghan Lu and Meng Li showed their recent works with posters separately. The M&M meeting provided campers a chance to communicate with top scientists from face to face, enrich knowledge and broaden horizons, as well as show CAMP-Nano to the world.

Prof. Shan giving a report