Prof. Evan Ma and Prof. Zhiwei Shan, with 11 graduate students and 2 technicians attended the 2012 Electron Microscopy Annual National Conference & the 9th National Congress of Chinese Electron Microscopy Society (CEMS) in Chengdu, Sichuan Province from Sept. 22nd to Sept. 24th.

This conference aimed at discussing the advanced development of electron microscopy research and related technology. During the conference, Prof. Evan Ma gave an invited talk named “Tailoring mechanical properties of covalent/ionic materials in electron microscopes”. Prof. Zhiwei Shan and Ms. Ling Huang, a PhD candidate of CAMP-Nano also gave invited talks named “Mechanical behavior of micronanoscaled metallic glass” and “A new regime for mechanical annealing and strong sample-size strengthening in body-centred cubic molybdenum” during in situ branch symposium. 

Furthermore, four other graduate students, Xiaoguang Wang, Penghan Lu, Meng Li and Lan Lv showed their recent work with posters separately. All the campers also had warm discussions with other experts at home and abroad. This conference provided campers a chance to communicate with top scientists face to face, enrich knowledge and broaden horizons, as well as show CAMP-Nano to the world.