Accompanied by the deputy director Chunmei Zhang and Mr. Wang, eight campers visited Engineering Workshop of Xi’an Jiaotong University in the afternoon on 11th April.  This visit was organized by the administrative teachers of CAMP-Nano, Jiayu Chen and Xiumei Xue.  During the visit, Chunmei Zhang detailedly introduced the workshop’s task, function, field distribution and so on.  As a result, participant campers acquired a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Engineering Workshop.  This workshop is mainly in charge of three important tasks towards the development of teaching and research.  The first one is curricular engineering teaching and practice for undergraduates.  The second one is practice of scientific and technological innovation project, such as Robocon, Wise Fishes, and Smart cars.  Last one is independent practice, which consists of three regions: Area A--modern processing, mechanical and electrical practice area, including numerically controll lathe, electronic devices, PCB, Robot activity room of RoboCup and Robocon and so on; Area B--traditional lathe, such as milling machine, woodworking, panel beating and embroider room; Area C--thermal processing and practice area.  Engineering workshop is a new engineering practice and training base for students and ‘Open, Safe, and Convenient’ is the prominent feature.

Meanwhile, each of campers was surprised by the progressive management methods of Engineering Workshop.  After this visit, campers gained much knowledge and experience about organizing opening activities.  Therefore, this visit gave us some precious experience for the forthcoming CAMP-Nano Open Day.