XI’AN COLLEGES MATERIAL FORUM 2012 was held in Chang’an University on April 8.  Conventionally, several famous scholars working in Xi’an were invited to give talks in this forum, aiming at promoting communications among materials researchers and enhancing the academic standards.

The topics of this forum range widely, including not only latest research result but also scientific research method.  Li Peicheng , an Academician of the Chinese academy of sciences talked about how to be a good researcher in a way full of humor.  Prof.Shan was also among the invited speakers and delivered a talk with the title of the Structure and Property of Material of Nano-and Marco- scale.  The attendees were fully involved in the topics and raised many questions leading to a deeply interaction between the speakers and audience.

The forum lasted for one day with three sessions and fifteen talks given and speakers were all from colleges located in XI’An.  More than 200 attendees were at the forum on that day.  Ten students from CAMP-Nano attended this forum, they learned a lot from this experience.