Ihor Radchenko 博士后

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I like the process of doing research. My aim is to find a position where research is prioritized relative to the administrative work.

My main research interest is laying in the field of mechanics of inorganic materials. I would like to

develop my knowledge up to the point when I can find new and up to date ideas and make them work in a real world (at least, at the lab scale). This requires a deep understanding of physical phenomena and appropriate skill set (experimental, computational, and analytical). Therefore, my objectives are the following:

1. Broaden my current understanding of plasticity and fracture in crystalline metallic nanolaminates towards understanding of mechanics of structured/composite crystalline metals, noncrystalline

metals, and brittle inorganic materials;

2. Learn a new skills of mechanical and structural characterization of materials, and improve the

existing ones (especially, Synchrotron -XRD and in situ techniques);

3. Keep up with the up to date research in the field, which requires access to recent scientific

publications, participation in professional conferences and workshops.